Fforestfach Medical Centre is a well established GP Practice situated in the heart of Swansea, close to the Gower Peninsula.

Located in an area of economic growth and with a diverse population.

Pre 2018

Dr Powell and Parters and Dr Bensusan and Partners were two GP Partnerships that came together to form Fforestfach Medical Group in 1995, working together to build the purpose built premises you see today. 

We have had many fantastic doctors join the practice over the years, here is a little about our history:

Dr Powell & Partners.

Originally Drs Weatherhill, Lloyd, Werner and Richards.  Dr Powell our Senior Partner joined the Partnership when Dr Lloyd retired in 1999.  In 2003, Dr Jarvis joined, she stayed with the Partnership until 2013 when she retired from general practice to further her career in medico-legal work.   Dr Sartori and Dr Rix both joined the practice following retirements of long standing Partners in 2007 and 2008 respectively.  Both had been previous trainees.  Dr Rix took a sabattical in 2014 and remained a Partner until 2015 when he emigrated to Canada.  Dr Sartori remains a full time Partner to this day and is the GP Lead for the Penderi Network.  Dr Carr joined in 2013, and Dr Pradeepan in 2014, both as Partners. Dr Carr had worked at the surgery for a number of years prior as a salaried GP, she returned to join the Partnership.  Dr Pratt came to the Practice initially to cover a sabattical, he then joined the Partnership in 2016.  Dr Shivaraj, a former trainee of Bensusan & Partners, also joined the Partnerhip in 2016.

Dr Bensusan & Partners.

Originally Drs Millington, Rees and Bradley.  All three worked at Fforestfach until retirment, Dr Bradley being the last who retired in 2016.  Dr Phillips, who was a former trainee joined in 2005 as a salaried GP, then became a Partner in 2007.  She later resigned to persue other interests in educational work in 2017.  Dr Bensusan is our Senior Partner and Network Lead, she also joined the Partnership in 2007, and prior had been a trainee at Powell & Partners.  Dr McCarthy worked for the practice as a salaried GP in the early 1990's and joined the Partnership in 2008, she is our longest standing GP.  Dr Evans joined the Partnership in 2013 following his GP training with the Practice, he worked as a Partner until March 2018 when he relocated to England.  Dr Clement joined the Partnership in 2015 following the retirment of Dr Rees, she is also a former trainee.  Dr James started in 2016 in a salaried post following her GP training with the practice, and Dr Pacitti who had also completed his GP training started as a salaried GP in 2017.  Both joined the Partnership in February 2018.

Practice Management

Miss Morgan

Practice Manager

Miss Isaac

Human Resource Lead

Ms Rees

IT/QOF Lead 

Nurse Williams

Lead Nurse

The Management team take responsibility for the management and administration of the practice.


All staff will do their best to help you. Their duties and responsibilities keep them busy, a great deal of which is undertaken behind the scenes. If you are kept waiting please be patient with the reception staff as they are often presented with complex requests at short notice and these often require immediate attention.

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