Medication Reviews

Periodically we need to review your ongoing repeat prescriptions and reauthorise those prescriptions which are still necessary – often this happens without you being aware. However, you may sometimes be asked to see or speak to a doctor, nurse or practice pharmacist regarding an ongoing prescription, and notifications may appear on your repeat slip.  Please ensure that you book an appropriate consultation to avoid uneccessary delays to further prescriptions.

Whilst we accept this may occasionally represent an inconvenience, it is an essential part of maintaining high standards of prescribing and care. If you are aware of any medication that is on your repeat slip that you no longer take, please let us know and we will remove this for you. 

We expect patients to adhere to reviews to ensure that the medication prescribed is right for them.  Medication guidance can change over time, particularly on items such as inhalers.  Your condition may also change, and we wish to provide you with the most suitable medication to support your health needs.    You may not always need to see a Doctor, it could be our Nursing team or a Practice Pharmacist who have areas of expertise to provide an effective review.

Here are some conditions that require at least an annual review and who you should see. You should always be clear to the reception team why you need an appointment to ensure they book you with the correct clinician.  You may also be asked to have a routine blood test before your appointment.

We are changing the way we review your medication, you will notice in the next 12 months that you will be called for a review on the month your were born.  This makes it easier for patients to remember when their reviews are due.  It takes some time to establish such a re-call system, so in the meantime make a note to yourself that your medication should be reviewed on or around your month of birth, and book an appointment.

Below should give you an idea of who to see:-

COPD/Asthma - Annual Review in Respiratory clinic - Practice Nurse

Diabetes - Annual Review in Diabetic clinic - Appointed by our clerk, in your appointment you will see a HCSW, Chiropodist, and Nurse/Doctor.

Heart Disease - Annual Review Chronic Disease clinic - Practice Nurse

Stroke/TIA - Annual Review Chronic Disease clinic - Practice Nurse

Psychological - Review by appointment or telephone consult - GP or Pharmacist

Hypertension(BP) - Annual review Hypertension clinic - Health Care Support Worker (HCSW)

Contraception - BP required - 6 monthly - Pill check with Practice Nurse

Any other medication/conditions - GP or Pharmacist (can be face to face or a telephone review)

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